Saturday, March 19, 2011

My post in English

okey, this time I'll post in English because English is international languange. and sorry if my English less than perfect, so, I want you can understand this post :) i just learned, :D

when my birthday, March 14, 2011, I told to my dad to gave me gift . and I said, I want to Have a camera DSLR

ehmm, you just read the conversation between me and my dad ::

dad : "what do you want?"
me : "I want a DSLR camera, dad,."
dad : "for what?"
me : "because I love taking pictures and I want to developed. could, dad?, I really wanted it"
dad : "why not the other?"
me :"beacuse, I really love photography, that's cool, dad!"
dad :"what brand?"
me : "Canon D500i. so, you can give me a camera?"
dad : "I don't know, I just asked"
me : "ouch, dad, please give me this camera. I really really wanted to have it :("
dad : "maybe, someday I'll to buy for you"
me : "ohh, thank you, daddy :), I really love you"
dad : "your welcome"

but, now, March 19, 2011, I do not have a DSLR camera. I am really dissapointed :(. but, I'm sure, at times, I'll to have the DSLR camera.

thanks for read~

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